We are London based events coffee specialists.

Passionate about the craft of coffee, we are equally dedicated to creating the perfect environment in which to enjoy it. Since our coffee journey began in 2006, we have worked at markets, festivals and events throughout London and the UK, tailoring our service to each new place.  




We use the Monmouth Coffee Company Espresso Blend in our machines and Swiss Water Process for the caffeine-shy. For pour overs and cold brews we source beans from a number of small batch roasteries depending on what's tasting good each week.


We work with a number of independent local bakers to provide a rotating range of cakes and pastries to complement our coffees. Please contact us for a full list of products we serve.


We care about where our products come from and where they go when they leave us. We source ethically and only work with suppliers who share this philosophy. All our packaging is compostable and we use as little of it as possible.


Whilst we don't have any hidden charges for things like decaf or soya milk, we do have hidden discounts. People who bring their own cup get 20p off and there are a number or arbitrary discounts given at the barista's discretion for anything from help with the crossword to loyalty in really lousy weather.